Eiskaffee – What is Eiskaffee?

Eiskaffee is German-style ice coffee that is a combination of chilled brewed coffee and ice cream.

How is Eiskaffee made?

The ingredients for this favourite German summertime treat are coffee, a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream. A few drops of German rum are optional. You scoop the ice cream into a tall glass and pour cold coffee brew on the top. Then you layer the on top of your beverage. Sprinkling chocolate shavings (or sprinkles) and chocolate syrup on top of the whipped cream is optional.

How is Eiskaffee served?

Eiskaffee is served in the German style with a long spoon and a straw. Be sure to enjoy your Eiskaffee right after assembling it because even with cold coffee the ice cream will melt quickly.

What kind of coffee can I use?

You can use your favourite brew. After brewing, keep the coffee in the fridge to cool it down.

Is eiskaffee alcoholic?

Eiskaffee is the perfect coffee beverage to add a shot or two of liqueur to for a nice after-dinner, alcoholic beverage. Rum and coffee or chocolate liqueurs like Baileys or Kahlua are recommended. Whiskey also adds a delightful complexity, and bourbon can serve as a beautiful compliment to the decadent flavours.


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