Gas Tandoor

Wonderchef by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor Tandoor Duo Aluminium Gas Oven, 4-Pieces, Red and Black

What is a gas tandoor?

What is a Gas Tandoor – A gas tandoor is a cylindrical oven which cooks food on a gas stove top. A gas tandoor is usually used for baking and cooking different kinds of food items such as tandoori roti, tandoori laccha paratha, tandoori naan, bread, tandoor chicken, paneer, pizza and grill dishes.

Gas tandoors are used for bulk cooking but today there are smaller versions too for home cooking. They are available in various dimensions though the are features are common. You can cook fabulous tandoori dishes & bake on your gas stove. Gas tandoors allow odourless cooking with bare minimum oil usage without smoke emission.

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