Goan Fish Thali Bardez

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Goan fish thali bardez

Goan Fish Thali | Goan Fish Thali Bardez

Goan Fish Thali Bardez – My photos & reviews of restaurants offering Goan Fish Thali Bardez. Reviews of eateries & restaurants offering Goan Fish Thali Bardez appreciated by locals & tourists.

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What is Goan Fish Thali?

Goan fish thali is one of the favourite collection of dishes of every Goan loves to eat as a sumptuous meal.

Goans love their “xitt kodi nustea” or “fish, curry & rice”, which has pretty much been the staple food of every Goan household and intrinsic part of their heritage! The accompaniments of tisryo sukhem, kismoor and sol kadi makes it a wholesome and healthy meal.

Due to the abundant availability of Fish, Goan Fish Thali is a collection of dishes in a collection format called a Thali that is available at almost all restaurants in Goa and is the fastest moving too. It provides a well balanced staple meal consisting of all the major nutrients that a body needs.

What comes in a Goan Fish Thali?

The Goan “xitt kodi nustea” or “fish, curry & rice” thali usually consists of boiled rice (local Goan fat rice), kismoor (tawa fried galmo or dried shrimps with spices & coconut), caldin kodi (prawn curry), tisryo sukhem (semi dry dish or curry with small clams or even oysters), rava fried kingfish, pickle, papad and sol kadi.

Other dishes may include tarle sukha (sardines in dry masala), chawli shenga (green beans) bhaji, tendli (ivy gourd) bhaji. While core elements of a Goan Fish Thali are present in all these, various restaurants may offer different combinations.

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