Guleria Rajput

Who are Guleria Rajput?

The name Guleria is derived from Guler a historical town located in the Kangra region. The word Guleria means ‘Rajputs of Guler and the Rajputs belonging to Guler Riyasat (Kingdom) use the surname Guleria.

The Origination of the Clan Guleria

The Guler clan came into existence in 1405 CE when Raja Hari Chand of Kangra Kingdom was out on a hunt and fell into a well after separating from his hunting party.

After a fruitless search and presuming the King was dead, the queens performed sati and Karam Chand, Raja’s younger brother ascended the throne.

Unknown to them, Raja Hari Chand was still alive, and survived in the well for 22 days, before being rescued by a passing merchant.

Upon hearing what had transpired at Kangra, and having already lost his family, Hari Chand decided not to attempt recovery of his kingdom.

He then proceeded to select a spot where he built the town of Guler as the seat of his new kingdom.

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