Idli Steamer

What is an Idli Steamer

What is an idli steamer

What is an Idli Steamer – Idli steamer is a kitchen utensil used for making steamed cakes or idlis. A steamer allows you to make steamed idlis and other food items very easily without requiring any oil at all. Idlis are traditionally made in a special steamer, called idli stand or idli mold.

Idli steamers are made of stainless steel hence are low-maintenance. This also allows you to clean the idli compartments easily. It has multiple stacked compartments where you just pour in the batter and you need to leave it steaming until you get piping hot idlis.

The stack of compartments comprise of stainless steel plates (usually 3 or 4), and each plate has four concave depressions where the idli batter is poured. These days, idli stands are available in different sizes and forms, including options for the microwave and stovetop.

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