Isa Khan Niazi Tomb

Briefly About Isa Khan Niazi Tomb

The tomb of the noble Isa Khan Niazi is located in the Humayun’s Tomb complex in Delhi, India. The mausoleum, octagonal in shape and built mainly of red sandstone, was built in 1547–1548 during the reign of Sher Shah Suri.

The mosque of Isa Khan is located west of the mausoleum, which along with other buildings form the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Humayun’s tomb complex. It is situated south of the Bu Halima garden in the Humayun’s Tomb complex.

It also says the tomb is an “asylum of paradise” built during the reign of Sher Shah.

The tomb was constructed in the Lodhi architectural style. Its octagonal shape, the hallmark of the Lodhi era, stands on a low plinth. Verandahs surround the central chamber. Each side of the chamber consists of three arches with one chajja (roof) present over each.

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