Jambudvipa | What is Jambudvipa?

Jambudvipa is a term from ancient Indian cosmology and mythology. It refers to the mythical landmass or continent in the centre of the universe according to Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist cosmology.

In Sanskrit, “Jambudvipa” translates to “Rose Apple Island,” with “Jambu” meaning “rose apple” and “dvipa” meaning “island” or “continent.”

According to these ancient beliefs, Jambudvipa is said to be circular in shape and consists of nine continents or regions, divided by mountain ranges and surrounded by oceans.

In the centre of Jambudvipa lies Mount Meru, a sacred mountain that is considered the axis mundi, connecting the heavens, the earth, and the underworld.

Jambudvipa is described as having various regions inhabited by different beings, including humans, celestial beings, and different types of creatures.

Each region is believed to have different qualities and characteristics.

It is important to note that Jambudvipa is a concept from ancient Indian cosmology and mythology, and its depiction and interpretation can vary among different religious and philosophical traditions.

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