Kadhi Chawal

Spicy Punjabi Kadhi Pakora is ready

Spicy punjabi kadhi pakora is ready

What is Kadhi Chawal?

Kadhi (yoghurt curry) Chawal (rice) is a popular dish of thick, stewed curry & dunked-in fritters originating from South Asia. Kadhi is prepared by mixing Curd, Besan (Chickpea Flour) and different spices. It is then served with home-cooked rice that is boiled.

Kadhi Chawal like rajma chawal & chana chawal is very popular in the Northern and Western States of India. It usually has a thick consistency and contains fritters (Pakora). Kadhi in Rajasthan, Gujarat & Maharashtra is usually savoury & may not have any fritters.

Different varieties of Kadhi are made like Gujarati Kadhi, Maharashtrian Kadhi, Punjabi Kadhi, and many others. Each state does little changes for making its version of Kadhi.

What are the varieties of Pakoras (fritters) in Kadhi?

Each area makes its Kadhi differently. Some use pakoras, some use vegetables. Some make it with buttermilk, and some with yoghurt. Gujarati make a sweeter version while Rajstahni & Punjabi make a tangier one.

Pakora is made with gram (besan) flour and vegetables like onions & spinach. I have read a lot of recipes that suggest potatoes are used for pakora too, however having eaten Kadhi in almost all the states it is prepared, I haven’t ever had such a pakora in any Kadhi to date.

History of Kadhi Pakora

Kadhi is originally thought to be from Rajasthan in India from where it made its way to Gujarat, then Sindh and finally Punjab.

However, Kadhi pakora firmly established its roots in Punjabi cuisine, where it is considered a staple dish. It is also believed to have been introduced during the Mughal era and has since become a classic dish in North India.

Kadhi pakora is often associated with special occasions and festivals, and its popularity as a weekend meal for the family has spread across the country and overseas.

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