What is Kalakand?

Kalakand is an Indian milk cake dessert made with full fat milk, sugar and cardamom powder. It is made with of solidified, sweetened milk called Khoya .

What are the alternate words for Kalakand?

Kalakand is also known as mishri-mawa, milk cake, qalaqand.

How is Kalakand made?

Kalakand is a Indian sweet made by reducing milk and sugar. Kalakand is flavoured with cardamom powder and/or rose water.  You can also add saffron, vanilla, dried fruits and nuts as per your preference.

Kalakand is rich milk based dessert preparation of which is quite lengthy as paneer needs to be made first and then milk needs to be reduced.

You can also use condensed milk and milk powder along with paneer to get richness and fasten the process.

Who invented Kalakand?

It is said that kalakand was invented in 1947 by a sweet maker named Baba Thakur Das. Since Baba Thakur Das lived in Alwar, a city in Rajasthan, this sweet is also known as Alwar kalakand.

Baba Thakur Das came to India from Pakistan, after the Partition. He was a halwai (sweet maker) in Dera Ismail Khan in Pakistan and, when he reached India, he was sent to Alwar.

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