Kaldi and His Dancing Goats

Kaldi and his dancing goats

Kaldi | Briefly About Kaldi from Kaffa

Kaldi is a legendary figure in the history of coffee. According to popular folklore, Kaldi was a goat herder in the region of Kaffa, Ethiopia. It is said that he discovered the stimulating effects of coffee when he noticed his goats becoming energized after consuming the red berries of a certain tree.

Intrigued by this observation, Kaldi decided to try the berries himself and experienced a similar invigorating effect. He shared his discovery with local monks who used the berries to prepare a beverage that helped them stay awake during long hours of prayer.

The story of Kaldi and his goats is often cited as the origin myth of coffee. It highlights the serendipitous discovery of coffee’s stimulating properties and its subsequent spread as a popular beverage.

While the story of Kaldi is widely known, it is important to note that the exact details and historical accuracy can be difficult to determine. Nevertheless, it remains a beloved tale that reflects the deep cultural and historical connection between Ethiopia and coffee.

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