Kimpurusa | What is meant by Kimpurusa?

Kimpuruṣa (son of a King called Agnīdhra & apsara Pūrvacitti was born in the dynasty of Priyavrata, son of Manu)  he ruled over the land known as Kimpuruṣa or Kimpuruṣavarṣa.

Kimpuruṣa-varṣa: It is stated to be situated north of the great Himalaya Mountain, which is eighty thousand miles in length and height and which covers sixteen thousand miles in width.

It is situated immediately to the north of the Himālayas encircling the Hemakūta Parvata. This is the second Varṣa from the Mahāmeru on the southern side.

Arjuna collected tribute from Uttara Kuru during the northern military campaign for Yudhishthira’s Rajasuya sacrifice.

The inhabitants of Kimpuruṣa-varṣa are fortunate because they worship Lord Rāmacandra with His faithful servant Hanumān.

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