Lanka Coffee Association

The Lanka Coffee Association | What is the Lanka Coffee Association

The Lanka Coffee Association (LCA) is a prominent organization in Sri Lanka that represents the interests of the coffee industry in the country. It serves as a platform for coffee growers, processors, exporters, and other stakeholders to come together, collaborate, and address common challenges and opportunities in the coffee sector.

What is the role of the Lanka Coffee Association?

The LCA plays a vital role in promoting and safeguarding the interests of the Sri Lankan coffee industry. It works towards the development and improvement of coffee cultivation, processing, marketing, and export. The association actively engages in activities that support the growth and sustainability of the coffee sector.

What are the functions of the Lanka Coffee Association?

Some of the key functions and initiatives undertaken by the Lanka Coffee Association include:

1. Advocacy and Policy: The LCA represents the coffee industry in discussions with government authorities, advocating for policies and regulations that benefit coffee growers and the entire value chain. It works to create a favourable business environment and address issues related to trade, taxation, quality standards, and sustainability.

2. Research and Development: The association promotes research and development activities to enhance the productivity, quality, and sustainability of coffee cultivation and processing in Sri Lanka. This includes supporting scientific studies, sharing best practices, and facilitating knowledge exchange among stakeholders.

3. Training and Capacity Building: The LCA organizes training programs, workshops, and seminars to improve the skills and knowledge of coffee growers, processors, and other industry professionals. These initiatives aim to enhance the quality of Sri Lankan coffee and foster innovation and continuous improvement in the industry.

4. Market Promotion and Networking: The association works towards promoting Sri Lankan coffee in domestic and international markets. It participates in trade fairs, exhibitions, and promotional events to showcase the unique characteristics and flavours of Sri Lankan coffee. The LCA also facilitates networking opportunities for industry players to connect, collaborate, and explore potential partnerships.

Through its activities, the Lanka Coffee Association contributes to the growth, sustainability, and recognition of Sri Lankan coffee both locally and globally. It serves as a valuable platform for stakeholders to collectively address challenges, share knowledge, and work towards the common goal of a thriving coffee industry in Sri Lanka.

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