London Regiment

London Regiment | Briefly About The London Regiment

The London Regiment was an infantry regiment in the British Army, part of the Territorial Force.

The regiment saw distinguished service in the First World War and was disbanded in 1938, shortly before the Second World War, when most of its battalions were converted to other roles or transferred elsewhere.

The London Regiment,  Cyclist Battalion was stationed in Dagshai in 1918, with a detachment in Jutogh, near Shimla.

They formed The Dagshai Entertainers, an entertainment group with its own tenor, bass, comedian, pianist, female impersonator, stage and business manager.

A contingent of the 25th Londons was sent to Amritsar in 1919, during the days leading up to the tragic Jallianwala Bagh incident.

Though the regiment was not involved in the actual shooting, its Sergeant Anderson did witness the massacre as he was General Dyer’s personal bodyguard.

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