What is Mathri?

Mathri also called mathi or mathari is a popular North Indian snack of savory, salty, flaky and crispy crackers made with all-purpose flour (and/or semolina), spices and seasonings. Mathri is usually served with mango, chilli or lemon pickle along with tea.

Mathri is now available in almost all sweet shops in India. Similar to Namak para, it is made from flour, water, and, optionally, carom seeds.

The creation of this snack was influenced by the need for food that will stay edible for days. The finished products are often stored in big jars at room temperature. Mathri is a popular snack to take along during travels.

Serving suggestions for Mathri or Mathi

Serve Methi Mathri with mint chutney, tamarind chutney, or spicy tomato dip to enhance the flavours. Methi Mathri makes an excellent snack to enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee. The crispy texture and savoury taste complement hot beverages perfectly.

Origins of Mathri

It is believed that Mathri originated in Rajasthan from a need to create food that would stay edible for days, especially during tedious stretches of journeys. This claim is severely contested by people from Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

However, since then, it has become common for people in North India to keep an air-tight container of these biscuits handy for their evening chai and during travels.

Mathri also holds a mandatory position in wedding buffets and other religious and celebratory occasions. The North Indian Diwali and Karva Chauth are never complete without a plate of Mathri.

Serving Suggestions for Mathri

It is served as an afternoon snack or morning breakfast with a hot cup of tea. This can be served with pickle or chutney as well.

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