Meva Bati

Meva Bati - What is Meva Bati

Meva bati – what is meva bati

Meva Bati – What is Meva Bati?

Meva Bati or Mawa Bati is a rich North Indian mithai popular in Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh. It is considered to be a famous dessert of Malwa cuisine & Nimar cuisine.

What is the difference between Meva Bati and Gulab Jamun?

Meva Bati is much similar in appearance as of Gulab Jamun. But while having a bite, anyone can feel that these meva bati are loaded with dry fruits.

As compared to gulab jamun mawa bati are heavier since milk powder & refined flour or maida are used for making them. Meva bati are also bigger than gulab jamuns.

How is meva bati made?

Meva Bati is made by stuffing a mava (milk solids) based dough made with a rich mixture of nuts and mava, and deep-frying these delicate, stuffed balls till golden brown. These mawa bati are then soaked in sugar syrup for a while and served warm.

What are the ingredients for meva bati?

Meva bati are made with meva, dry fruits and nuts, sugar or jaggery, refined flour or maida, ghee and water. Milk powder may be added but is optional.

How do you serve meva bati?

Meva Bati is a delicious mithai (sweetmeat) to serve at chaat parties to complement the spicy chaat items. It is also served as a dessert for an after meal sweet kick.

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