Lord Shiva | Neelkanth | Mahadev

Lord shiva | neelkanth | mahadev

Neelkanth | Meaning of name Neelkanth

Neelkanth is another name for Lord Shiva, one of the most revered deities in Hinduism. The term “Neelkanth” translates to “blue-throated,” which refers to a significant event in Hindu mythology.

According to the legend, during the churning of the cosmic ocean, a poison called Halahala emerged, threatening to destroy the universe.

To protect the world, Lord Shiva consumed the poison, which turned his throat blue. Hence, he is known as Neelkanth.

Significance of the name Neelkanth

Neelkanth is often depicted as a powerful and benevolent deity, adorned with the crescent moon on his head and a serpent around his neck.

He is regarded as the supreme lord of destruction and transformation, as well as the embodiment of cosmic consciousness.

Devotees worship Lord Shiva in various forms, including Neelkanth, seeking his blessings for spiritual growth, inner peace, and liberation.

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