Briefly About Nowgong

Nowgong is a city in the Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh. The town had a population of 11,507 in 1952. Vindhya Pradesh was merged into Madhya Pradesh on 1 November 1956.

Nowgaon was declared the capital of Madhya Pradesh, but after six months Bhopal became the capital of Madhya Pradesh.

Nowgong is well connected by roads and is on National Highway 39 about 110 km away from Jhansi.

The nearest railway station is Chhatarpur, 28–30 km away and the nearest airport is Khajuraho, 68 km away. The town has an old British-era church.

The city was an important centre during British rule when it was the headquarters of the Bundelkhand Agency.

The town hosted a military cantonment with accommodation for all forces, the Kitchener College (for soldiers being trained to become officers), and a school for the wards of the chiefs of Central India (1872–1898).

It was also the headquarters of the Political Assistant of the Agency.

What is the History of Nowgong?

In 1859 Nowgong was made the first headquarters of the Bundelkhand Political Agency.

The cantonment of Nowgong was established in 1842–43 when Kaitha in the Hamirpur was given up to the British ruler.

4 villages called Nayagaon, Bilerhi, Dudri & Pipri and is named after the first village in 1869. More land was acquired from the Chattarpur State and Cantonment was enlarged.

In 1859 Nowgong was made the first headquarters of the Bundelkhand Political Agency.

The earlier records of this agency were destroyed in the mutiny of 1857 later on post acquiring the area the British started establishing the place by setting up markets and also colonised the place.

These also made State houses for representatives of different states of Bundelkhand.

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