Panadería – What does panadería mean in Spanish? Panadería [pan-ah-de-REE-ah] is a bread bakery or a store where mainly bread is sold (although you could also find some cakes, depending on the store itself). Panaderías can usually be found on every street corner.

In Spain, traditional bread or pan is a long loaf, similar to the French baguette but wider and shorter, generally called “barra” and many other different names along the country like “pistola” or “bastón”.

Also there’s a long variety of types with different forms, presentations and recipes such as “chapata”, “payés”, “gallego”, “candeal”, “mollete”, etc. French baguettes are also common to find in a panadería.

One can buy bread freshly made every morning in almost every supermarket or traditional panaderías, where there is a large assortment of bread.

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