Pastis - French Aniseed-flavoured alcoholic spirit

Pastis – french aniseed-flavoured alcoholic spirit

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What is Pastis? – Pastis is a celebrated French drink that was introduced to replace absinthe after it was banned. Pastis is an aniseed-flavoured alcoholic spirit that’s often associated with sunny afternoons in south-eastern France. It is primarily made from a combination of star anise and liquorice, which results in a distinctively herbaceous flavour. Pastis is generally served over ice: when it interacts with water, oils in the drink derived from its anise become cloudy and make for a distinctive milkiness. The drink is then generally diluted with more iced water at the drinker’s preference. Despite its dark colour and use of liquorice, it’s often considered a relative to other Mediterranean anisette drinks like Greek ouzo and Italian sambuca. pastis has persisted and remains one of the most popular apéritif drinks in France. Although pastis has a distinctive aniseed flavour, it often features other herbs and spices, which can be quite pronounced. 

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