Pracetās | Who are Pracetās as per the Vedic literature?

Pracetās are the ten sons of Prācīnabarhi. They entered the sea to execute austerities for 10,000 years, because of which the planet earth was neglected because of the absence of a king.

Many weeds and unnecessary trees grew, and no food grains were produced. Indeed, all the land became like a forest.

When the ten Pracetās came out of the sea and saw the entire world full of trees, they were very angry with the trees and decided to destroy them all to rectify the situation.

Thus the Pracetās created wind and fire to burn the trees to ashes. Soma, however, the king of the moon and the king of all vegetation, forbade the Pracetās to destroy the trees since the trees are the source of fruit and flowers for all living beings.

Just to satisfy the Pracetās, Soma gave them a beautiful girl born of Pramlocā Apsarā. By the semen of all the Pracetās, Dakṣa was born of that girl.

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