Pralaya | What does Pralaya mean?

Pralaya is a Sanskrit word that means “destruction, dissolution, dissipation etc. The word also means the process of these.

The word Pralaya is made up of two words … Pra and Laya.

  • Pra means move forward or forward moving condition … This word (Pra) also includes that forward moving path which cannot ever be controlled by anything or anyone, of here or beyond.
  • Laya means returning back to the same subtle state from which the original origination as a grosser manifested entity had commenced. Thus, Laya means dissolution or absorption or end of being a grosser-manifested state or the stage of getting established in your own essential (or original) subtler nature which was prior to that stage when you had even commenced as a microcosm within the world.
  • Thus, Pralaya also means the forward-moving process by which a manifest state returns back to its original un-manifested state i.e. returns back to the same state from which it had originally commenced through its own origination process.
  • Laya is also a part of the vast scopes of Yoga Tantra by which the aspirant (microcosm) returns back into the same finality, which itself was the original-originality from where everything had commenced through their own origination process so as to be a microcosm within the world.

As per Vedic lore, destructions are also the basis of various stages of progress of cycles of time.

This means Pralaya is also governed by the demands of time (Kaal) and its cycles Kaalchakra.

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