Pulau Ai

Pulau Ai is a small island of the Banda Islands, Maluku Islands, Indonesia. The island is limited to a single village with a nutmeg and kenari almonds plantation.

Located west of Banda Neira, Pulau Ai is an isolated limestone island surrounded by deep water. This is another premier dive spots where big fish are common of the Banda Sea.

As part of the Banda Islands archipelago, this secluded destination is a paradise for intrepid snorkelers. Currents can be strong at Pulau Ai and that attracts the large pelagic species. Barracuda, trevally and tuna all school here.

As Pulau Ai is usually visited on a liveaboard boat, and there are several ports of departures available to visitors.

The most convenient of these is at Ambon, where the regional airport offers 5-hour flight connections to Jakarta, the location of Indonesia’s main international airport.

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