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Pushti mata @ jageshwar dham

Pushti Mata | Briefly About Pushti Mata

Pushti Mata, also known as Shri Pushti Maa, is a revered Hindu goddess and a form of Devi, the divine feminine principle.

Who formed the Pushti Marg of Hinduism?

Pushti Mata is highly venerated in the Pushti Marg sect of Hinduism, founded by Vallabhacharya.

What is the significance of worshipping Pushti Mata?

Pushti Mata is considered the bestower of divine grace, nourishment, and spiritual sustenance.

She is believed to be the source of all abundance and the one who nurtures and fulfils the devotees’ desires.

Pushti Mata is often depicted as a benevolent mother figure, showering her devotees with love and blessings.

How is Pushti Mata worshipped?

Devotees of Pushti Mata engage in devotional practices like bhakti (devotion), seva (service), and kirtan (devotional singing) to seek her grace.

The Pushti Marg tradition emphasizes surrendering oneself completely to the divine and cultivating a loving relationship with Pushti Mata.

The worship of Pushti Mata is associated with the Shrinathji deity, an infant form of Lord Krishna.

What is the significance of worshipping Pushti Mata?

Devotees believe that Pushti Mata’s blessings are essential for attaining spiritual growth, inner fulfilment, and the ultimate goal of union with the divine.

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