Qorii | What are Qorii?

The eating of coffee among the Oromo people goes back to the time immemorial when it was eaten for the energizing effect.

Oromo tribe crushed and mixed the crushed coffee beans with fat or butter to make spheres the size of billiard balls called Qorii.

Oromo collected the ripe coffee berries from wild coffee trees, ground them with stone mortars, and mixed the mashed seeds and pulp with butter.

This mash was rolled into spherical balls called Qorii that they carried for subsistence, especially during long journeys. It is believed that these balls are rich in caffeine, sugar, fat and protein.

The Oromo warriors, farmers, and merchants made and ate these qorii balls, one ball per person per day.

Coffee is used among the Oromo of West Wallaga as traditional medicine, food and beverage, as well as in ritual performances.

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