Ras Kheer

Ras Kheer - Kheer with Sugarcane Juice

Ras kheer – kheer with sugarcane juice

What is Ras Kheer?

Ras Kheer is a delicious dessert recipe from Madhya Pradesh that you can prepare for your loved ones on festivals and special occasions.

It is made with rice and sugarcane juice or ganne ka ras and is amazing in taste.

How is Ras Kheer made?

The method of preparing this kheer is exactly the same way you make other rice kheer. All you need are ingredients that can be found easily in your kitchen cabinets. These are: basmati rice, dry fruits and green cardamom.

What do I serve Ras Kheer with?

Ras kheer goes very well with Makki ki roti paid well with any saag, including palak ka Saag (made with spinach), bathua ka saag (cooked with goosefoot leaves) or chane ka saag (prepared with chickpea greens).

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