Saint Anthony Church Marna

Briefly About Saint Anthony Church Marna Siolim Goa

A Church with Saint Anthony as its patron was built by the Franciscans to the west of Marna village in the year 1600. After serving the people for 300 years it had to be demolished in 1900.

And in fulfilment of their vows made for safety from a life- threatening storm the surviving Portuguese merchants contributed towards the construction of the church in honour of St. Anthony. the church was rebuilt after 300 years. The foundation stone was laid in 1902 and was completed in 1907.

Architecture of Saint Anthony Church Marna

This church is constructed in the neo-gothic style which is as rare architectural style for Goan churches. The façade is composed of a frontispiece comprising of two towers and a patch. It is divided into three levels with horizontal ribs and pointed arches at all three levels.

The statue of St. Anthony which is on the main altar of the Church is the same miraculous Statue which had saved the lives of two Portuguese merchants who were caught in a storm in the Arabian Sea whilst sailing from Portugal and were carrying this statue with them.

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