Shizuoka Prefecture

Briefly About Shizuoka Prefecture

Shizuoka, a Japanese prefecture on central Honshu’s Pacific coast, is home to 3,776m-tall Mt. Fuji, Japan’s highest peak.

What can I do in Shizuoka Prefecture?

Within this iconic volcano’s foothills are the ancient Fujisan Hongu Sengen shrine and the Shiraito and Otodome waterfalls. Mount Fuji itself, crossed with trails, is a major hiking destination.

To the south, the Izu Peninsula is known for its beaches, such as Shimoda, and onsen (hot spring) resorts.

Shizuoka Food is also called the pinnacle of Mount Fuji cuisine. It produces much of the country’s most popular regional Japanese cuisine.

Dubbed the “Kingdom of Green Tea”, Shizuoka is one of the most famous tea producing regions in Japan (along with Uji City in Kyoto prefecture).

From fields of green tea and wasabi in the mountainous interior of the prefecture, to the Izu peninsula, Suruga Bay and a Pacific Ocean coastline full of fresh seafood, Shizuoka is famous simply for its food and drink options.

Where can I Stay in Shizuoka Prefecture?

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