Shuddha Bhakti

What is Shuddha Bhakti?

Anything you do with unconditional love for Radha Krishna is called bhakti. But in Shuddha bhakti there doesn’t exist any hint of pride or ‘I’.

A devotee of shuddha bhakti cannot think he is responsible for any deeds occurring through him. He doesn’t think of his body as ‘I’, things related to his body as his belongings and has no attachment to worldly matters.

There are two tendencies of ego: Jad vritti (materialistic) and Chita vritti (spiritual). Jad Vritti implies that the person thinks of his body as himself and the things related to the body as his belongings.

Chita vritti implies that the person thinks of himself as a servant of God and God as his only belonging.

Shuddha bhakti is the stage where the Jad vritti of the ego becomes extinct and the Chita vritti is fully developed.

This means till the Jad vritti is scarcely present, shuddha bhakti cannot be attained.

It is the stage of bhakti where the person has no consciousness about his body and worldly matters, is always immersed in contemplation of nectarine pastimes of Krishna, fully conscious as a Manjari or whatever form one has in that divine abode of Krishna.

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