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Coffee & spice grinder

What is a spice grinder – A spice grinder is a kitchen tool used to grind up hard, dried whole spices. It allows you to grind them coarsely, or to a fine powder as per need. There are a few types of spice grinders which are dedicated to one spice alone, such as pepper mills, and nutmeg graters. However, there are others which can grind all spices as per the grind required.

The best way to purchase spices is to buy them whole, so their complex aromas and flavours remain and you can use them as needed. But a lot of recipes call for ground spices. A mortar and pestle is useful for small quantities, but involves a lot of labour. This is where a spice grinder becomes a useful solution.

A spice grinder needs to be easy to hold, handle, and store—perfect for anyone tight on space. They can be with a fixed cup or a removable cup.

Ideally, a good spice grinder will quickly pulverise tough spices down to a powder fine enough that it will blend into soups and curries without leaving them gritty.

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