Tamala cassia

Tamala cassia, Tejpatta (Cinnamomum tamala)

Tamala cassia | तेज पता | cinnamomum tamala

What is Tamala cassia – Tamala cassia is the English name for Cinnamomum Tamala. The leaves of Tamala cassia or Tejpatta are used commonly as a spice. It tastes more like cinnamon, but is milder, and is indeed the leaf of the cassia bark (Cinnamomum tamala) tree. Tamala cassia is a tree. It grows in parts of the Himalayas, other northern parts of India, Asia, and Australia. The leaf and bark are used as medicine. In foods, Tamala cassia is used as a spice or flavouring agent.

Apart from spice, Tamala cassia has several health benefits. Burning Tamala cassia is said to help fatigue, varicose veins, painful joints, and viral infections.

It also  helps by calming the nervous system and boosting mental activity, as well as strengthening immune systems. Culinarily, Indian bay leaves are quite different having a fragrance and taste similar to cinnamon (cassia bark) bark, but milder.

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Tamala cassia Cinnamomum Tamala is thought to have been one of the major sources of the medicinal plant leaves known in classic and medieval times.

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