Tamarind or Imli

Tamarind | tamarindus indica l.

What is Tamarind – Tamarind is the common English name for Tamarindus indica L.. The sour and fruity taste of Tamarind (tamarind) merges well with the heat of chillies and gives many South Indian dishes their hot and sour character, and their dark colour.

The pulp of ripe fruit of Tamarind tree is commonly used as condiment in many Indian dishes particularly South Indian dishes.

In India, Thailand, Southern Europe and Latin America, tamarind is a popular cooking and condiment flavour.
The tree originated in Africa, but now it is cultivated mainly in South India and in the Caribbean.

Arabs are believed to have called it “date of India”; the English word date is related to “dactyl”, the Latin word for finger, which applies to the pod of the Tamarind tree more than to the fruit of the date palm.

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Tamarind has plenty of niacin, calcium, vitamin C, copper, and pyridoxine. There are also a number of organic compounds that make Tamarind a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.

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