Copper Tash-t-nari

Copper tash-t-nari

Tash-t-nari – What is Tash-t-nari?

Traditionally used to wash hands before meals, the Tash-t-nari comprises of a large flask shaped like a kettle in which warm water is stored and a basin that collects the water after hands have been washed. It is simply a portable washbasin.

What are alternate names for Tash-t-nari?

Tasht Nerr, Tasht e Naari, Tasht Naar, Tasht-è-naer, Tash Naer, Tash-t-naer, Tash Nari are some of the alternate anglicised spellings for Tash-t-nari.

How is Tash-t-nari passed in a wazwan?

For a wazwan feast, guests are seated in groups of four to share their meal out of a large copper plate called the traem or trami. Before the ceremony is started, a Tash-t-nari is presented to each guest for the ritual cleaning of hands. The Tash-t-nari traditionally was carried and presented by hosts, close relatives & friends and now by attendants. The Waza or the close relatives join the attendants in serving the wazwan as well.

What is Tash-t-nari made of?

Tash-t-nari traditionally is handmade and made of copper. It is beautifully hand-engraved.

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