Timber Trail Heights

Timber Trail Resorts Ropeway

Timber trail resorts ropeway

Timber Trail Heights | About Timber Trail Heights

Situated above the Timber Trail Resort, Timber Trail Heights offer a bird’s eye view of the entire valley.

Residing in a fascinating location amidst the Shivalik range, this Parwanoo resort is accessible by a cable car ride. which offers a unique journey among the majestic mountains to experience.

Board the cable car at Timber Trail Resorts located at the base. The lush pine woods that encompass the premises add to the refreshing ambience.

Here holidays take a blissful turn among the mesmerizing sunset views, verdant mountains, and the meandering Kaushalya river.

Timber Trail Heights provides spacious deluxe rooms, a Superior Room, a Suite and an Executive suite, all furnished with essential amenities.

Each of them is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art facilities to ensure a comfortable stay.

The hotel reflects the excitement of Himachal Pradesh through its spa facilities, provision for sports, multi-cuisine meals, and immaculate recreational facilities within its premises.

The tasteful setting of Timber Trail Heights is also ideal for hosting weddings and functions, corporate events, informal poolside parties and meetings and workshops.

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