Vishaghna Spices & Herbs

What is Vishaghna Karma?

Vishaghna (विशागनह) is a particular dietetic effect or karma of divya or substances that are detoxifier according to the Agad tantra. Agad tantra is a unique branch of Ayurveda that deals with toxicology and its management.

Vishaghna is covered under the Agad Tantra that is the clinical branch of Astang Ayurveda dealing with poisons, their characteristics, diagnosis and treatment covered under Sthavara (inanimate), jangama (animate), dushivisha (cumulative poison) and garavisha (artificial poison).

Vishaghna is considered to be one of the karma of plants, including herbs and spices that possess any of the actions like blood purifying, demulcent, immune modulator, cytoprotective and detoxifying nature.

These actions help in restoration of the vitality, strengthening the disease resistance and to nullify or decline the possible poisonous properties. In turn, this helps in the restoration of the vital organs or different relative systems.

Karma primarily means and indicates its action or work. As per ayurveda, plants (herbs & spices) are living entities with the potency to affect us not only physically, but also energetically, mentally, and spiritually.

Some plants are simple and have singular actions. Some are complex and have many potential actions, or karmas.

There are many ways to group herbs by action. For example, herbs can be grouped by their action on different tissues and organs or by their therapeutic action. This means grouping by their being “nutritive“, “rejuvenative” & “regenerative“.

Vishaghna Definition

Vishaghna karma is defined as the function of detoxification. It suggests blood purifying, demulcent, immune modulator, cytoprotective and detoxifying nature.

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