Banda Islands

The Banda Islands are a volcanic group of ten small volcanic islands in the Banda Sea, about 140 km south of Ceram Island and about 2,000 km east of Java. It constitutes an administrative district within the Central Maluku Regency in the Indonesian province of Maluku.

The islands’ volcanic soils are well adapted to the growth of nutmeg, which is indigenous. Other products are cloves, coconuts, tapioca, fish, and tropical fruits and vegetables.

Half the population of the islands lives in Bandanaira, the capital and port city of Bandanaira Island.

The inhabitants are mostly descendants of Javanese, Makassarese, and people from neighbouring islands brought in as labourers to work the Dutch nutmeg plantations.

What can I do in Banda Islands

  1. Take a spice tour.
  2. Capture Benteng Hollandia’s incredible views.
  3. Sitting at the heart of the Banda Islands group visit Banda Api that is an active volcano with a huge 7 kilometer-wide caldera.
  4. The Banda Islands have some of Indonesia’s best snorkeling, which few people are aware of.
  5. There are more than 30 dive sites dotted around the Banda Islands, most of which can only be accessed by liveaboard diving thanks to their remote nature.
  6. Visit the 17th century Fort Belgica on Banda Neira. It once acted as a fort when the Banda Islands were the only place in the world to produce nutmeg.
  7. Visit another Banda Neira highlight, the Sun Tien Kong temple that is 300 years old. It is a relic from when the Chinese were involved in Banda’s spice trade.

Where can I Stay at Banda Islands?

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