Chail Military School

Briefly About Chail Military School

Chail Military School (or now called Rashtriya Military School Chail) is a residential school in Himachal Pradesh, India, established after the First World War in 1922 with a donation of ₹250,000 from King George V’s patriotic fund.

Origin of Chail Military School

Chail Military School is the oldest military school in India. The school’s origins lie with the establishment of King George’s Royal Indian Military School in Jullunder (later Jalandhar), Punjab, in 1925.

The foundation stone of this school was laid in the Jullunder Cantonment by King George V in February 1922, and the school started functioning in 1925.

The school was moved to its present location in Chail, Himachal Pradesh, in 1960. Cadets are known as Georgians after the school’s founding father.

It is one of the only five RMS (Rashtriya Military Schools which were formerly called Royal Indian Military Schools) of its kind in India.

The other four are Ajmer Military School founded in 1930, Belgaum Military School in 1945, Bangalore Military School in 1946 and Dholpur Military School in 1962.

Chail Military School is located amidst pine and deodar forests in the heart of the 110 km2 Chail Sanctuary at an altitude of 2144 meters.

The world’s highest cricket ground is located in Chail and is used as a training and playground for cadets.

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