Dal Pithi

Dal Pithi or Dal Ki Dulhan

Dal pithi or dal ki dulhan

What is Dal Pithi? Also known as Dal Ki Dulhan & Dal Dhokli

Dal Ki Dulhan, Dal Pithi, or Dal Dhokli is a wholesome nutritious meal that is extremely healthy and filling. Dal Pithi provides all required carbohydrates, fibre and protein.

‘Dal’ means legumes and ‘Pithi’ means dumplings made from whole wheat flour. Dal Pithi stands out as a nutritious option.

Pithi are small rounds of flour dough, which are added to the dal and cooked together.

How is Dal Pithi served?

Typically Dal Pithi is served with “Chokha” which is mashed potatoes fried with some onions, green chillies and pickle masala.

One can have this dish just like that without any additional accompaniment. This filling dish can enjoyed for lunch or dinner.

How is Dal Pithi made?

  1. Knead the wheat flour with enough water as a soft dough, and keep it aside for half an hour.
  2. In a pressure cooker, take all the dals (Toordal, Moongdal, Masoor dal, Channadal) together, wash and add the turmeric powder, crushed garlic, garam masala powder, chilly powder,salt and cook with 3cups of water up to 3 whistles.
  3. While cooking the dals, roll out small discs from the dough and bring the ends together to the middle leaving the center hollow.
  4. Make this pithi with the remaining dough, and keep aside.
  5. Once the steam is released, add the prepared pithi, boil, and cook on low heat.
  6. Add water if the dal looks thick, and cook the pithi for at least 20 minutes.
  7. Heat mustard oil in a small pan, fry the cumin seeds, and chilli, and add the garlic pieces, and chopped onions.
  8. Cook until the onions turn golden, now pour this tempering into the dal pithi.
  9. Serve & eat.

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