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Greater galanga | มหานครกาลังกา | alpinia galanga

Greater Galanga (มหานครกาลังกา) – Read all about Greater Galanga in this section. Find and try some popular recipes too. I will be very happy and look forward to receiving your comments on these.

What is Greater Galanga? Greater Galanga (มหานครกาลังกา) is the Thai name for Greater Galanga (มหานครกาลังกา). Alpinia galanga, a plant in the ginger family, bears a rhizome used largely as an herb in Unani medicine and as a spice in Arab cuisine and Southeast Asian cookery. It is one of four plants known as “galangal”, and is differentiated from the others with the common names lengkuas, greater galangal, and blue ginger. The name “galangal” is probably derived from Persian qulanjan or Arabic khalanjan, which in turn may be an adaptation of Chinese gao liang jiang. Its names in India is derived from the same root, including kulanja in Sanskrit, kulanjan in Hindi, and kholinjan in Urdu. Galangal is a common ingredient in Thai curries and soups such as tom kha kai, where it is used fresh in chunks or cut into thin slices, mashed and mixed into curry paste.

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Find out and read through a list of not to be missed Greater Galanga articles and recipes in this section for you to make and enjoy with your family and friends.

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