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Briefly about haryanvi cuisine | food from haryana

Briefly About Haryanvi Cuisine | Food from Haryana

Haryanvi Cuisine: Haryanvi cuisine is like the people of Haryana – simple, earthy and inextricably linked to the land. The simpler the culture or civilisation, so is the cuisine which is uncomplicated and essentially implies sustenance.

Haryana with its essentially agrarian culture has retained simplicity in its cuisine. Hence, the ‘Land of Rotis’ is an appropriate title for Haryana, as people are fond of eating different kinds of rotis here.

Haryana is also called the “Abode of God” being derived from the Sanskrit words Hari (“the Hindu God Vishnu”) and Ayana (“home”).

Haryana has a plethora of famous delicious delectable delights in their cuisine. The dairy of Haryana is also very famous and an integral part of Haryana cuisine.

Haryana is well known for its cattle wealth and is the home of the famous Murrah buffalo and the Haryana cow.

No wonder there is an abundance of milk and milk products in Haryanvi cuisine. People make butter and ghee at home and use these liberally in their daily diet. Read more about the Haryanvi Cuisine

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