Hathfodwa | What is Chattisgarh Hathfodwa?

Hathfodwa is a kind of chila made with rice flour. Hathfodwa is one of the lost recipes of Chhattisgarh. It is a thick and spongy rice flour fermented roti/bread, made with just rice flour and salt.

How is Hathfodwa made & served?

First, a thick batter is made with rice flour and salt. When an appam consistency is prepared, the batter is rested for thirty minutes.

Traditionally, hathfodwa used to be made on a circular clay griddle called parai without using any oil. Now people use their cooktops.

It is served with chilli (mirchi) or tomato (tamatar) ki chutney.

Interestingly, Hathfodwa is also the name of a small Village/hamlet in Belha Tehsil in Bilaspur District of Chattisgarh State, India. It comes under Bartori Panchayath.

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