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Illicium verum | star anise

Illicium verum – Read all about Illicium verum in this section. Find and try some popular recipes too. I will be very happy and look forward to receiving your comments on these.

What is Illicium verum? Illicium verum is the Botanical name for Star Anise. It is one of the signature flavours of Chinese savory cooking. The five-spice powder mix common in China contains star anise. It is used to flavour vegetables, meat, and to marinate meat. It is also used as a condiment for flavouring curries, confectionaries, spirits, and for pickling. It is widely used as culinary and medicinal fruit and is most popular in indigenous system of medicine. The fruit is an important source of essential and volatile oil.
Traditionally, the fruit has been used as carminative, digestive, dyspepsia, antispasmodic, and stimulant, antirheumatic and diuretic.

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