Monasteries in Dolanji

Monasteries in Dolanji | Which are the Monasteries in Dolanji?

Dolanji, located in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh, India, is home to a few monasteries that hold significance for the Tibetan Buddhist community. Here are two notable monasteries in Dolanji:

1. Dolanji Bon Monastery: Dolanji is particularly known for hosting the Menri Monastery, which is the main Bon monastery outside of Tibet. Bon is a spiritual tradition that predates Buddhism in Tibet. The Menri Monastery in Dolanji is the seat of the spiritual head of the Bon tradition, the 33rd Menri Trizin. The monastery complex includes a main temple, residential quarters for monks, and facilities for study and practice.

2. Serkong Rinpoche Monastery: Serkong Rinpoche Monastery, also known as Serkong Rinpoche Bönpo Monastery, is another prominent monastery in Dolanji. It was established by Serkong Tsenshab Rinpoche, a highly respected teacher of the Bon tradition. The monastery serves as a centre for the preservation and propagation of Bon teachings and practices. It offers educational programs, meditation retreats, and other spiritual activities.

These monasteries in Dolanji provide a space for practitioners to study, practice, and uphold the teachings of the Bon tradition. They also serve as important cultural and spiritual centres for the Bon community. Visitors interested in Tibetan Buddhism or the Bon tradition may find these monasteries in Dolanji to be of great interest.

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