Mutton Korma

Mutton korma | what is mutton korma?

Mutton Korma | What is Mutton Korma?
A delight for non-vegetarians mutton korma is truly a delicious Mughlai dish with meat chunks cooked in a creamy gravy or curd. It is often mixed with cashew paste or cream, or both along with extensive use of aromatic spices.
What is the history behind mutton Korma?
Mutton Korma is the king of Indian curries in the non-vegetarian sphere. The word Korma or Qorma has its etymological root in the Turkic ‘qavirma’, which denoted a method of frying and was adapted in Persian, Arabic and Urdu.

Afghan cuisine has kormeh, a meat curry that gets a slightly sour taste from the use of the limu omani or dried lemons. It is possible that sometime in the 18th century, in Mughal kitchens, the meat stew from Persian cuisine assimilated spices, yoghurt, almonds, garlic and other ingredients.

This resulted in a thick, spicy curry, with fried onions giving it a classic aroma. Even today, fried and crushed or ground onions with whole spices form the foundational flavour of the Indian Korma.

There are essentially three main variants of Mutton Korma in India – the north Indian korma with yoghurt, almonds, cashews and/or cream; the Kashmiri version that uses fennel seeds, turmeric, tamarind and dried cockscomb flowers; and the South Indian korma with a pronounced coconut taste.
How is Mutton Korma made?
Mutton Korma is typically made by marinating mutton in yogurt and spices like ginger and garlic. It is then cooked in its own juices. An authentic mutton korma recipe is made of fried onions, ginger, garlic, spices and yogurt. However, today the recipes of mutton korma differ.

However, these five ingredients in the right proportions make for a truly irresistible dish that’s magic for the taste buds. You can add soaked and kewra water, ground almonds & cashew nuts to make it richer.
How do I serve Mutton Korma?
Mutton Korma tastes best when served with Naan or Khamiri Roti, Rice or Biryani and a Raita. Adding a cucumber salad makes a lot of difference.

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