Nyamme Sherab Gyeltsen

Nyamme Sherab Gyeltsen | Briefly About Nyamme Sherab Gyeltsen

Nyamme Sherab Gyeltsen, also known as Nyamme Sherab Gyaltsen, was a prominent figure in the Bon tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. He was recognized as the 25th abbot of Triten Norbutse Monastery, one of the major Bon monastic institutions located in Nepal.

Nyamme Sherab Gyeltsen was born in 1926 in Dolpo, a remote region in western Nepal. He received his early education in the Bon teachings and practices from his father, who was a Bon practitioner. Later, he studied under several renowned Bon masters, including Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche and Lopon Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche.

Nyamme Sherab Gyeltsen dedicated his life to the preservation and promotion of the Bon tradition. He played a significant role in revitalizing and rebuilding the Triten Norbutse Monastery, which had faced destruction during the cultural revolution in Tibet. Under his guidance, the monastery became a centre for the study, practice, and preservation of the Bon teachings.

As the abbot of Triten Norbutse Monastery, Nyamme Sherab Gyeltsen provided teachings and guidance to Bon practitioners. He emphasized the importance of maintaining the integrity of the Bon teachings while adapting to the changing times. He also worked towards establishing educational programs and initiatives to ensure the continuity of the Bon tradition.

Nyamme Sherab Gyeltsen was widely respected for his knowledge, wisdom, and dedication to the Bon tradition. His contributions to the preservation and propagation of Bon teachings continue to inspire and guide practitioners worldwide. He passed away in 2014, leaving behind a legacy of spiritual guidance and a thriving monastic institution.

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