Origanum vulgare

Origanum vulgare – Origanum vulgare is the botanical name for Oregano. It is a species of flowering plants in the mint family Lamiaceae. It was native to the Mediterranean region, but widely naturalised elsewhere in the temperate Northern Hemisphere. Oregano is a woody perennial plant, growing 20–80 cm tall, with opposite leaves 1–4 cm long.

It is also called origanum or wild marjoram. Oregano is native to the hills of the Mediterranean countries and western Asia and has naturalized in parts of Mexico and the United States. The herb has long been an essential ingredient of Mediterranean cooking and is widely used to season many foods. Culinary varieties, such as Greek or Italian oregano, have a strong aroma and a warm pungent taste.

Oregano can effec­tively com­bined with pickled olives and capers or lovage leaves; other than most Italian herbs, oregano har­monizes even with hot and spicy food. The dish most asso­ciated with oregano is pizza, a kind of open pie: Bread dough topped with tasty stuff and baked.

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