Palak Puri

Palak Puri - What is Palak Puri or Spinach Puri?

Palak puri – what is palak puri or spinach puri?

Palak Puri – What is Palak Puri?

Palak puri is a delicious variation of puri or poori made with palak or spinach leaves, green chillies, ginger and a few spices.

What are the ingredients for palak puri?

Palak puri is a deep fried puffed up Indian bread made with atta or whole wheat flour and spinach puree. These are best served with any curry for a perfect balance of spicy and savoury.

How is palak puri made?

You add blanched and pureed spinach to the whole wheat flour and make a dough. This dough is then rolled into a round flatbread and deep fried till it puffs up.

How do you serve palak puri?

Palak poori is usually served as a breakfast, but you can have them for lunch or dinner as well. Also, this is great lunchbox recipe.

It goes very well with dry masala potatoes or potatoes curry. You can also serve this palak puri aka spinach poori with any curry or pickle. Try pairing it with Amritsari Chole, Palak Paneer, Achari Aloo Gobhi, Rajasthani Besan Gatte Ki Sabzi, Paneer Butter Masala and Lehsuni Dum Aloo.

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