Pâté de fois de volaille

Homemade chicken liver pate recipe

Pâté de fois de volaille

What is pâté de fois de volaille?

The pâté de fois de volaille or liver pâté is a cooked preparation of food, or sausage by grinding, mixing and cooking liver of poultry (in particular of duck ), pork or of veal. Liver pate is popular in northern and central Europe. This preparation should not be confused with the foie gras terrine.

Generic liver pâtés currently sold in France (various shops, cold meats, medium and large surfaces) must contain a significant proportion of pork or poultry liver.

The marketing of poultry liver pâté, which comes from all regions in France, implies that the product meets specific specifications of the Code of uses for charcuterie, which modestly requires that the mass of poultry liver, or of a species of poultry, expressly mentioned, represents “at least 15%” of the net mass of the product, the obligation being greater (20%) if the name “goose foie gras ” or “Duck” is claimed.

Depending on their consistency and the recipe, the liver pâtés are sliceable or spreadable.

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