Tandoori Roti

Sai Krupa Tandoori Roti

Sai krupa tandoori roti

What is Tandoori Roti?

Tandoori roti is a flatbread made with whole wheat and traditionally cooked in a tandoor (cylindrical clay oven) hence the name tandoori. Some people also add all-purpose flour to their tandoori rotis.

The roti is usually thicker than the regular roti and has crisp edges and a soft centre.

Interesting Facts about Tandoori Roti

It is said that the journey of tandoori roti had already started about five thousand years ago. Yes, many people believe that the people of the Harappan civilization in the Indus Valley used to make tandoori roti.

Apart from this, it is also said that clay stoves or tandoor were found in ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamia civilizations and hence, these civilizations also had a system of cooking tandoori bread.

It is also believed that Tandoori food was very much liked by Mughal Emperor Jahangir. Many people believe that whenever Jahangir went to any part of the country, he was served food like tandoori roti, tandoori chicken, tandoori mutton etc.

Jahangir used to take Tandoori Chulha along with him in his travels.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji has also been credited for popularising Tandoori Roti and Tandoori food. Yes, it is said that Guru Nanak Dev promoted Saanjh Chulha to keep the love intact among the common people.

In the evening, tandoori and other dishes were prepared at one place through the hearth and all the people used to sit together and eat food.

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