Uchisar Castle

What is Uchisar Castle?

Uchisar Castle is a centuries-old citadel perched on a rock spur, with commanding views of Cappadocia, Turkey from the top.

Where is Uchisar Castle located?

Uchisar is situated at the highest point in Cappadocia, Turkey, on the Nevsehir-Goreme road, just 5 km from Goreme. There are minibuses between Goreme and Uchisar which depart at every half an hour on weekdays and every hour on weekend.

What can I do at Uchisar Castle?

You can go all the way of this castle by going up staircase along the outside wall. It is quite far up, but once you reach top of castle, you will be rewarded by the amazing view. It provides a magnificent panorama of the surrounding area with Mount Erciyes in the distance.


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