Liberica Coffee

Liberica Coffee | What is Liberica Coffee?

Liberica coffee, scientifically known as Coffea liberica, is a species of coffee plant that is cultivated for its coffee beans. It is one of the four main commercially grown coffee species, alongside Coffea arabica, Coffea canephora (Robusta), and Coffea excelsa (often considered a variety of Liberica). Liberica coffee has its own unique characteristics and flavour profile.

What are the features of Liberica coffee?

Liberica coffee plants are large trees that can grow up to 10 to 15 meters in height. They have broad, elongated leaves and produce white, fragrant flowers. The coffee cherries produced by Liberica plants are larger and have an irregular shape compared to other coffee species.

What is the flavour profile of Liberica coffee?

The flavour profile of Liberica coffee is distinct and often described as bold and robust. It is known for its smoky and full-bodied characteristics, with hints of floral and fruity undertones. Some people also detect woody or nutty flavours in Liberica coffee. The taste profile sets it apart from the more commonly consumed Arabica and Robusta coffees.

Where is Liberica Coffee grown?

Liberica coffee is primarily grown in select regions, including parts of West Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Philippines. It is often used in blends or as a standalone varietal in certain coffee markets. The production and processing methods for Liberica coffee are similar to those of other coffee varieties, involving cultivation, harvesting, processing, roasting, and brewing.

What is the market size of Liberica Coffee?

While Liberica coffee represents a smaller portion of the global coffee market compared to Arabica and Robusta, it holds cultural significance in certain regions where it is grown. In the Philippines, for example, Liberica coffee has a long history and is considered a national coffee. It has also gained attention as a speciality coffee, with some coffee enthusiasts appreciating its unique flavour profile and seeking out beans from specific growing regions.

In summary, Liberica coffee is a coffee species known for its distinct flavour profile. It is grown in selected regions and has its own unique taste characteristics, often described as bold, smoky, and with hints of floral and fruity notes. While it represents a smaller portion of the global coffee market, it holds cultural significance in certain regions and has its own niche among coffee enthusiasts.

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